Behind the scenes

Discover the creative process behind 2024 Runway Show

The Buriti crochet has been used for years in the ‘Made in Brazil’ line of our collections, and bringing this ancestral Brazilian knowledge to the runway was a natural path. Through collaboration with Raissa Colela, we strengthened our ties with artisans and created unique pieces, combining the brand’s sophisticated perspective with the impeccable craftsmanship of Buriti straw.

The stitches and weaves of Buriti and other Brazilian fibers, such as wicker and ramie, also inspired the prints, featuring distorted crochets and weavings reinterpreted through the artistic lens of the brand.

Shapes inspired by the minimalism of Lygia Clark’s creatures and the lightness of Oscar Niemeyer encounter rustic Brazilian materials, including Rustic Silk from O Casulo Feliz, a company that crafts threads and fabrics in a semi-industrial system using organic silk, and crochet made from Buriti straw by the Artisan Association of Barreirinhas in Maranhão.