Mother’s Day Lenny Niemeyer

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we invited families to tell us how the affection between them is transformed by motherhood

Bel Niemeyer, Lenny's daugther "Affection overflows, it's powerfull! I feel that it brings me more tranquility and calm, it makes me feel an extraordinary power." Renata, Katia's daugther "My mother always conveyed affection to us through art. As a child, she took us to museums and taught us to develop our own gaze."

Francisca Pereira, Francisca’s and Julieta’s mother

“Being a mother is discovering the immensity of the word affection, it is testing all our limits, it is being able to have several types of heartbeats at the same time inside the heart.”

Rojane, Zion’ and Polo’s mother

“Affection for me is courage!”
– Rojane

Nicole Dyskant, Julie’s and Bibi’s daugther

“My mother is a great example for me. It is present even in small and imperceptible acts.”
– Nicole

Editorial photographed by the lens of Denise Leão